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Highest Quality Implant Dentistry by a Spet – Dental Implants Done Right First Time !

If you are considering any dental treatment that involve dental implants, esthetic dentures or full mouth reconstruction and you need a well trained and highly qualified dentist, then you should consider Dr.Devi, DDS.MS.FICOI. Dr.Devi is a spet (prosthodontics & Dental Implants) and her exclusive private practice locations are in North Scottsdale & Glendale. Patients refer her as a genuine and compassionate dentist whom they can trust.

Dr. Devi has earned her dental education from top US universities including Loma Linda and specialty training from the University of Alabama, Veterans Hospital and New York University and California Implant Institute. Dr.Devi’s research work on dental implants is published in the prestigious Journal of Prosthodontics. Dr. Devi has completed thousands of hours of continuing education to further her knowledge in Dentistry.

According to Dr.Devi, the most important aspects in dental implant treatment planning are:

  • Evaluation of patients medical history to assess risk factor
  • Presence of adequate foundation bone
  • How many teeth are missing, Is soft tissue missing as well
  • Does patient need facial support with Implant restoration
  • What kind of restoration is the most appropriate, conservative and affordable for the situation presented

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